Pendergrass and Son Contractors LLC was founded in 1977 by James and Freddy Pendergrass with a vision of building a company on a foundation of integrity and professionalism. We strive to treat owners, design professionals, employees, and subcontractors with respect and accountability. With this clearly stated believe, we have attracted like-minded individuals who have literally spent their entire careers acting on these principles. The organization has grown and matured through its second generation of owners, grounded in these fundamental beliefs and practices.

Entering its third generation of owners, the company is now being operated by Jamey Pendergrass. Jamey has worked many years alongside his grandfather and his father, and practices the same beliefs that were taught and passed down to him.

Headquartered in Dickson, Tennessee, we provide construction services throughout Dickson and its surrounding counties. The majority of our work includes our early involvement, through which we provide schedule, budget, and constructability feedback to the owner and design team to allow our clients to make well informed decisions balancing their design and cost objectives.

Our organization’s size and approach allows us to devote special attention to each project through a lean management structure. Our reputation and corporate culture supports versatile individuals who hold themselves accountable for the success of the project.